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Pneumatic Solutions
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Best of Asia

About US

With decades of experience behind our workforce in the Compressed Air Supply and Material Handling industry, Asia Pneumatic Engineering & Services Sdn Bhd is an authorized distributor and reseller of:

Compressed Air System

  • KOBELCO Compressors (Kobe Steel Ltd, Japan)
  • SMC Dryers and Filters (SMC Corp., Japan)
  • FMX Pressure Flow Controller

Material Handling

  • TOKU Air Hoist (Toku Pneumatic Co Ltd, Japan)
  • CKD Power Arm (CKD Corp., Japan)
  • BPM Pneumatic Manipulators (Sertechnik GmbH, Germany)
  • SUMITOMO Portable Lifting Magnet (Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd, Japan)


  • RAYTEC Lightings (Raytec Co Ltd, UK)

We pride ourselves in specializing and supplying comprehensive pneumatic equipment and solutions, as well as our services in offering energy-saving measures for the Compressed Air System. Aiming at sustainable growth, we strive to provide the best Customer Experience in the ever-increasing needs of the industry.

Material Handling

Our comprehensive range of Pneumatic Hoist and Manipulators from TOKU, CKD, and BPM ensures total solution to air-powered Material Handling needs.


Renowned in the industry for its range of diesel-powered Generators and Compressors, DENYO continues to push the boundaries of technology to deliver more effective power solutions.


One-stop solution of Compressed Air System; KOBELCO Screw Compressors, Dryers/Filters, and our specialization in Compressor Optimization service for maximum Energy Saving.

EX-PROOF Lighting

RAYTEC is the global technology leader for Hazardous Area LED Lighting; with full range of globally certified EX luminaires to provide Explosion-risk application.

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