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Asia Pneumatic Engineering & Services Sdn Bhd is a reputable distributor and reseller in the Compressed Air Supply and Material Handling industry. Our team of highly experienced professionals brings decades of industry expertise to our operations. We take pride in being an authorized distributor for a range of renowned brands, ensuring that our customers receive only top-quality products and services.

Compressed Air System

  • KOBELCO Compressors
  • DENYO Portable Compressors and Generators
  • SMC Dryers and Filters
  • IFC Pressure Flow Controller

Material Handling

  • APE Pneumatic Manipulators
  • BPM Pneumatic Manipulators
  • TOKU Air Hoist
  • CKD Power Arm
  • MANTION Aluminium Crane & Jib Crane

Pneumatic Tools & Other Components

  • KEMP Industrial Tools
  • TOKU Construction Tools
  • SUMITOMO Portable Lifting Magnet
  • TOYO Lever Chain Hoist
  • TKK Manual Hoist

At Asia Pneumatic Engineering & Services Sdn Bhd, we take great pride in our expertise and specialization in providing comprehensive pneumatic equipment and solutions. In addition, we are committed to delivering energy-saving measures for the Compressed Air System. Our goal is to achieve sustainable growth while consistently providing the best possible customer experience to meet the ever-increasing demands of the industry.


We offer a complete solution to air-powered Material Handling requirements through our extensive range of Pneumatic Hoist and Manipulators from reputable brands such as TOKU, CKD, BPM, and MANTION.


We are a one-stop solution provider for all your Compressed Air System needs. Our range of products includes KOBELCO Screw Compressors, Dryers/Filters, and we specialize in Compressor Optimization services to ensure maximum energy-saving initiatives.


Our product range includes Pneumatic Hand Tools for both industrial and construction usage, sourced from trusted brands such as TOKU and KEMP. With our comprehensive selection, we are able to meet all application needs with ease.


We also offer a complete range of non-pneumatic tools to cater to a wide range of applications. These include the SUMITOMO Lifting Magnet, TOYO, and TKK Manual Hoists, among others.

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