Over 100 years of sliding system excellence:

Since 1920, MANTION has been designing, manufacturing and marketing sliding systems for the Construction, Manufacturing and Industry sector.

In line with its strict quality policy, all MANTION sliding systems undergo rigorous testing to ensure they systematically meet the most stringent international standards.

With more than 4 500 product references, a special product offering and a thriving R&D department, MANTION will always have or find the right solution.


  • 1920
      • Creation of MANTION by Mr. Alexandre Mantion in France
  • 1930
      • At the outset, the company was specialised in manufacturing wrought-iron products
  • 1935
      • MANTION developed its business to include the manufacturing of sliding door systems for the farming sector
      • First price list for roller assemblies was published
  • 1949
      • The company becomes SARL Raymond Mantion & fils
  • 1955
      • First product patent
  • 1961
      • Sportub range created
  • 1964
      • The company continues its development and moves to the industrial zone of Trépillot (25) in Besançon, France, which is still its main manufacturing site and headquarters
  • 1965
      • Mr Raymond Mantion designs the Tubel range
  • 1981
      • Hercule range created
  • 1993
      • The company gradually begins its international expansion
      • Took over German company B&K and becomes Mantion Baubeschläge Gmbh
  • 2001
      • Mantion acquires bar turning firm Bourquin Décolletage
  • 2003
      • Acquires a majority share of Valcomp in Poland
  • 2004
      • New sheet metal range and new company Formatol
  • 2005
      • Mantion Handling System opens in Poland
  • 2008
      • Mantion acquired Wimove which specialises in motorization for the building sector
  • 2012
      • Expand and renovate Mantion Besançon plant
  • 2013-2016
      • Strengthening of the group in export: opening of offices in India in 2013, in Dubai in 2014 and in Singapore and Mumbai in 2015. Then development in North America with the creation of the company Mantion Canada in Quebec in 2016.

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