About SUMIMOTO Heavy Industries

Since its establishment, Sumitomo Heavy Industries has been contributing to social progress by providing advanced technologies related to industrial machines and infrastructure equipment to customers at home and abroad.
In particular, they have accumulated over 40 years of experience in accelerator manufacturing.
Its applications in science, industry, and medicine, among other fields have received critical acclaim.


SUMIMOTO Heavy Industries History

1888:  The company is launched as a machinery production and repair shop for the Besshi Copper Mine

1928: Name changed to Sumitomo Besshi Copper Mine, Ltd. – Niihama Works

1940: Named changed to Sumitomo Machinery Industries Co., Ltd.

1949: Listed on the Tokyo and Osaka Stock Exchanges

1958: Listed on the Nagoya Stock Exchanges

1962: Hiratsuka Laboratory opens

1969: Sumitomo Machinery Industries Co., Ltd. and Uraga Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. merge to form Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.

1971: Establishment of Oppama Shipyard (currently known as Yokosuka Works)

1972: Delivers the Company’s first cyclotron

1973: Establishment of the Ohshima Shipyard and Toyo Works

1976: Malaysia Shipyard & Engineering is established

1980: Develops miniature cyclotron for use in medical diagnostics

1982: Delivers first gas turbine-equipped naval escort vessel, the Hatsuyuki

1984: Delivers first all-Japanese made training ship, the Nihonmaru

1989: Acquires Lumonix, a Canadian manufacturer of laser devices

1991: Delivers world’s first 95,000 ton, two-tiered tanker

1995: Delivers a large-scale experimental ship, the Asuka

2000: Reorganizes the Main Research and Development Center to form the current Research and Development Center

2005: Issues JPY 10 billion worth of straight corporate bonds with a 5-year maturity period

2010: Establishment of Sumitomo Heavy Industries Business Associates Co., Ltd.

2015: Sumitomo Heavy Industries Material Handling Systems Co., Ltd. takes over the industrial crane business from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machinery Technology Corporation

2017: Acquired 100% ownership of Persimmon Technologies


SUMIMOTO Heavy Industries Organization Chart

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