Screw Compressors

Feature of KOBELCO Oil Free Screw Compressors

Extremely high efficiency with superior specific power consumption

  • Optimized controller
  • 2 stages compression resulted in lower specific power
  • Supreme thermosetting coatings
  • Easy maintenance with long interval period
  • Oil mist filter to keep your factory clean

Emeraude ALE series

Offers pure and clean, oil-free compressed air

  • Large type
  • ALE-Inverter type:
    • 75-250kW
    • 10.1-43.6m3/min
  • ALE-Fixed speed type:
    • 45-400kW
    • 5.4-70.0m3/min

Emeraude FE series

Two-stage compressor for energy saving

  • Small type
  • FE-Inverter type:
    • 37-55kW
    • 5.4-8.1m3/min
  • FE-Fixed speed type:
    • 15-55kW
    • 2.05-8.1m3/min

New Emeraude ALE series

Superior specific power consumption

  • ALE-Inverter type:
    • 132kW, 160kW
    • 18.7-29.1m3/min
  • ALE-Fixed speed type:
    • 132-160kW
    • 18.5-29.0m3/min

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