TOKU Air Trolley Hoist

Feature of TOKU Air Trolley Hoist

Flexible Material Handling from 500-6000kg Capacity

  • TMTCR-500PE
  • TMTCR-1000P2E
  • TMTCR-1000PE
  • TMTCR-2000P2E
  • TMTMH-3000PE
  • TMTMH-6000P2E


2000kg Capacity Air Trolley Hoist

  • Adjustable beam size trolley hoist.
  • 4 button pendant with emergency stop for hoist and trolley control.
  • ATEX specification:
    Ⅱ3 GD ⅡB T4 (option)
  • 2 flange-less wheel and 2 drive wheels for low friction.
  • Automatic brake function.
  • Durable cast in housing.

Air Trolley Hoist Controller

4 Button Pendant Valve

  • Emergency stop button as standard for pendant valve. (CE compliant)
  • Ergonomic pendant valve design.


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