About Raytec

Raytec are the global technology leader for Hazardous Area LED Lighting. They manufacture a full range of globally certified SPARTAN Ex luminaires to provide a solution for any application where there is risk of an explosion due to gas or dust.

All Raytec products are UK designed and manufactured in-house.

Raytec have an unparalleled background as the world leader in LED lighting for security and safety, with over half a million products currently in service.

All Raytec products are ISO9001 and IS014001 certified.

UK Designed and Manufactured

All of Raytec’s SPARTAN luminaires are designed and manufactured in the UK. While the general trend in manufacturing is to move production to cheaper facilities overseas, Raytec recognise the importance of being a UK manufacturer and the advantages it brings to them and the customers:

  • Outstanding Quality
  • In-House Expertise
  • Local Suppliers
  • Speed & Flexibility

Download Raytec’s Product Overview Guide

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